5 Things about Streetwear that Americans Love the Most


    Japanese streetwear is taking over the casual fashion wear industry in a flash. The Japanese streetwear tends to put their distinctive twist on the contemporary style of American fashion. Therefore, people from the US find Japanese streetwear intriguing. Their innovative take on contemporary fashion styles stems from the creative culture of Tokyo. Tokyo is a city that is swarming with outrageous expression, which reflects incredibly on their fashion.

    Japanese fashion is a true example of how you can incorporate vividness and vibrancy into casual streetwear and look good doing it. The exuberant aesthetics of Japanese streetwear draws people from America towards their style. Below, we will discuss five things Americans love the most about Japanese streetwear.

    Quality over Quantity

    This feature of the Japanese fashion industry is one that makes it surpass other industries. This aspect runs incredibly deep in the Japanese Fashion industry. The Japanese people put too much value on the craftsmanship and quality of the product. If you ever held Japanese apparel in your hand, you will instantly note the difference in clothing quality. Japanese streetwear fabric is flawless and amazing, which is one of the reasons Americans love it. Therefore, the quality of the material is something that drives Americans towards it.

    Deep Cultural Nods

    Japanese streetwear goes deep into the styles of subcultures. They like to display any subculture as vividly as they can. Therefore, you will find that Japanese streetwear strives to depict an extreme version of a particular subculture. Whether it is punk, Goth, or hippies, the Japanese fashion industry has a general love for cultures that break norms. They have an infatuation for the rebellious display of fashion, and they fulfill that by incorporating the essence of a particular deviant subculture.

    This is immensely evident in their fashion, and Americans seem to love it. The eccentric and ecstatic fashion that crosses the bounds of conventional clothing is a desirable trait for the postmodern contemporaries. Hence, you will find their love for the subcultures permeate through the fashion industry, yielding amazing results.

    Number of Choices

    With Japanese streetwear, the options are unlimited. There is such a huge variety of clothing that it can befuddle you with choices. In regards to streetwear, you can find all kinds of casual styling options that satisfy your taste. Therefore, this makes it unlikely for anyone to disregard Japanese fashion because there will always be something that you like.


    With Japanese streetwear, there is an air of freedom that you cannot ignore. The Japanese fashion industry takes its expressive features very seriously. Due to that, you can wear absolutely anything when it comes to Japanese clothing. In terms of fashion, the Japanese culture infuses a truly liberating feeling into their outfits. Americans love this freedom and liberation of Japanese streetwear. They love the fact that they can wear unique and edgy clothing, and no one seems to bat an eye.

    The Japanese culture embraces every bit of outrageous streetwear idea, and you can rock any outfit without any anxiety. There is no concept of standardizing a set of rules for streetwear. This is why Japanese streetwear remains one of the best in the world.

    Oversize Trend

    Talk about oversized clothes being outdated. Well, not for the Japanese fashion industry. Japanese streetwear glorifies the baggy streetwear look that you hardly see in the US. You will note that the Japanese culture has eloquently bought back a classic street-style in an amazing way, making it a fashionable statement for the world.

    To Conclude

    Americans love every bit of what Japanese streetwear has to offer. For people who consider freedom and liberty as an integral aspect of being American, it is of no surprise that they gravitate towards Japanese streetwear.

    Everybody has become a sheep following in the same direction when it comes to fashion. If you are reading this right now, you were born a GOAT. So dress like one.

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