Back in the News: Men’s Fall Street Fashion Trends

    Written By: Akemi Hayashi

    The fashion scene in Japan is starting to take huge strides towards mainstream fashion trends. Thanks to some of the influential Japanese fashion brands, the world is coming to know about Tokyo’s fashion scene. In Tokyo, the market for fashionable streetwear is enormous. This is largely due to the flourishing street life of Japan. Just walk around the busy and bustling streets of Tokyo, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with the chic sense of style of the people.

    Japanese street fashion trends offer invaluable inspiration for brands around the world. So much so, those brands often find themselves observing the streets of Tokyo to look for new streetwear trends. Moreover, numerous renowned American brands incorporate much of Japanese street cultural essence into their streetwear clothing lines. On many occasions, the Japanese fashion industry has singlehandedly dictated streetwear trends worldwide.

    Seasonal Shifts in Street Fashion – Japan

    People have the misconception of Japanese fashion being uniform and homogenous. This disillusion may be a result of the discipline encompassing the Japanese culture and values. What you wear is a reflection of yourself. Nevertheless, unlike other fashion cultures, Japanese streetwear embraces extreme diversity and creativity. The streetwear fashion trends in Japan correlate with the seasonal shifts in an undeniably aesthetic fashion.

    Men’s Street Fashion in the Fall Season

    Considering their love for baggy clothes and their practical use in the winters, the baggy over-layers and oversized coats are the dominant choices in Japan for the fall season. The fall season is also one that surprisingly depicts a shift from the vibrant and vivid color schemes to darker and dull options. Therefore, men’s street clothing in the fall season is prevalent in military green, beige, brown, and other dull combinations.


    Men’s Street Fashion for Summer

    In summer, the Japanese street fashion scene transforms from overlapping layers to a sporty display of sneakers. Their street fashion also involves topping their sneakers off with some shorts or three-quarter bottoms. However, their love for oversized and baggy outfits is evident even in the hot summer times, though the practical use lies in the wintertime.

    This just goes to show that Japanese street fashion prioritizes style, uniqueness, and expression more than practicality in terms of fashion. Their love for self-expressive streetwear transcends beyond seasonal convenience. Hence, you will find seasonally contrasting outfits in Japanese clothing, such as a long sleeves t-shirt and a hat on top of shorts and sneakers. Ideas such as these may be deviating from an old-timer. However, if you even have an ounce of contemporary aesthetic sense, you are likely to adore the Japanese fashion sensibility and experimental qualities.

    Men’s Street Fashion in Spring

    For the spring season, the men’s street fashion is full of blooming colors, floral shirts, vibrant layers, and wonderful color blends. The spring street fashion rightfully manages to personify the essence of the season altogether. Therefore, in the springtime, the Japanese street fashion insinuates a mix of fashionable apparel, such as shirts, ties, long collars, vests, and more. In the Japanese spring season, it is common to see people making odd clothing choices. For example, waist-high pants with tucked-in shirts and oversized coats are an outfit that a Tokyoite will flaunt with pride.

    To Conclude

    In the Japanese street fashion industry, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact trend of any sort. Japanese street fashion is just a sleek take on the fluid nature of Japanese fashion. Walking around Shibuya, which is the epicenter of Japanese fashion, you will get the gist of how street fashion is such a big part of Japanese street culture. In a way, it is a mode of self-expression, which they put together under the guise of global fashion trends.

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