7 Must-Know Gen Z Fashion Trends for 2024

Web Doomra

29 February, 2024

As the fashion landscape continues to grow, no wonder that the Generation Z has become the most influential one. Gen Z's innovative soul and daring to cross borders pave the way towards the fashion trends that define the industry. From sustainability to self-expression, we will have a closer look at the seven upcoming Gen Z fashion trends to fall in love with in 2024. 

1. Sustainable Fashion Revolution

Gen Z is what triggers a new face of the fashion industry, which is a product of their strong commitment to sustainability. Due to the high level of attention to environmental matters, Gen Z consumers behave more reasonably when they are looking for clothes that are produced ethically and sustainably. Eco-friendly fashion is no longer a niche, and upcycle, thrift and support sustainable brands are the direction people go. In 2024, it is the expected rise of fashionable habits and the shift to responsible consumption.

2. Genderless Fashion

Gen Z identity is gender fluidity, which is also demonstrated in their fashion sensibility. During 2024 genderless fashion are in full swing, with the brands moving away from distinction gender-norms and inclusivity. You will encounter unisex designs, gender-neutral contours, as well as breaking down the traditional boundaries that are normally categorized as menswear and womenswear. Gen Z spearheads the ongoing reshaping of the fashion narrative into a more inclusive and diverse one.

3. Tech-Driven Innovation 

As digital natives, Gen Z is driving innovation at the intersection of fashion and technology. From the virtual dressing room enabled with augmented reality to the supply chains that are enabled with the blockchain; technology is gradually redefining the way fashion is experienced and interaction. In 2024, expect to have a presence of tech-oriented fashion gadgets, for example, smartwear that makes a record of various health parameters and also brings a change in the runways’ experience by deploying virtual fashion shows. The digital revolution has been marked by Gen Z who are leading the way into the future of fashion.

4. DIY Culture

This "do-it-yourself" ethos of Gen Z is essentially reviving the fashion, focusing on individualization and self-expression. In 2024, DIY should come back in the form of fashion projects created from customizing thrifted clothes to creating your own. Social media nowadays is made easier for the DIY movement, through TikTok and Instagram, Gen Z creators can effortlessly display their specialties and imagination. DIY fashion is referencing fashion that is driven by sustainability and individuality and is here to stay.

5. Nostalgic Revival

Nostalgia plays a big role in pop culture and Gen Z is reviving past cultural icons to lead their style choices. In 2024, get ready to see more old school styles borrowed from the '90s' and early 2000's brought back, but with a modern twist. Vintage hats and jumpsuits, chunky sneakers and oversized jackets are the latest addition to the retro fashion scene. Gen Z's affinity towards retro fashion demonstrates that the fashion industry follows a cyclical pattern, where each new trend is inevitably influenced by the old ones.

6. Activewear Everywhere 

Athleisure took a step into the way we dress, and this generation drives towards comfort and functionality more than ever. In 2024, you will experience activewear becoming part of everyday life regardless of the setting, i.e in the gym, office, social gatherings, and so forth. Sport ready technical fabrics, clean lines, and current fashion branding will still have a spotlight in the activewear scene as they are built to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. The modern acceptance trends in Gen Z of tracksuits and sportswear indicate a new casual and flexible dressing style.

7. Bold Self-Expression

Gen Z takes full ownership of their style, and is unashamed of being loud and bold. They have not forgotten to put their unique selves in their style. In 2024, be ready for individualism and diversity celebrations by Gen Z who are to tease your eyes with bright colors, lovable prints, and loud accessories! From streetwear to maxi styles Gen Z has been using fashion as means of self-discovery and they aren't afraid to look different from their peers. Fashion for the future is exciting, unusual with flashes of color and a lot of personal expression.


The future of the fashion market in 2024 is crystal clear - Gen Z will become the motor of this market with its innovative spirit and creative mindset. From environmentally friendliness and gender equality to technology-powered innovation and rebellious self-expression, fashion trends of Gen Z are redefining the way we understand style and identity.

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