Five Streetwear Fashion Trends to Keep In your Closet!

    Bold, diverse, and self-expression: These are the three key elements of Japanese streetwear. And it has taken the western world of fashion by storm. With the increasing popularity of Japanese Anime and the decrease in the “who wore it better?” mentality, people in the US are adopting Japanese streetwear fashion trends rapidly.

    But there is still a lot left to learn when it comes to Japanese streetwear in the US. Though the common interpretation of streetwear is to wear what you feel like, Japanese streetwear embraces harmony and collaboration. And you can experience it when you embrace the latest Japanese streetwear fashion trends to the fullest.

    In this blog post, we will tell you about the five latest Japanese streetwear fashion trends that you can try when walking down the streets. We are sure that you will turn some heads down the road.

    • Bright and Bold

    If you want to wear true Japanese streetwear, don’t hesitate to wear bright and bold colors. Don’t worry about clashing colors! Wear all your favorite colors together and stand out in the crowd.

    • Classic Duffle Bags

    Want fit your whole life in one bag and gain style points? Well, get yourself a duffle bag. Yes, in the US you might call it a gym bag, travel duffle, or bum bag. Get one of those! You might think that it is only for long trips, but duffle bags are now chic and designed for everyday use. Industry giants such as Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are selling duffle bags as high-end fashion.

    • Oversized Clothing

    If you are thinking to get a tailored fit suit, just stop right there and try out a suit bigger in size. Oversized clothing is a huge style statement in Japan. If you are intending to create a dramatic silhouette, oversized clothing will certainly help you. Whether you are wearing a Japanese-style hoodie, pantsuit, or dress, buy a size bigger than usual.

    • Layers, Layer, And Layers

    If you thought that you might have to give your love for Japanese streetwear during winters, you might want to take a look at layering your clothes. Just like the US, Japan also experiences harsh winters and that’s when they stay warm by layering their outfits. You can get a sophisticated and chic look by mixing textures and patterns.

    • Full Denim

    If there is one piece of clothing that is ever-popular, it is denim. And you can incorporate it in Japanese streetwear fashion too. Go full denim from head to toe and voila! You are a Japanese streetwear fashionista. We are sure there will be a lot of people turning their heads and taking a look at you.

    But don’t feel awkward because Japanese streetwear is all about getting your creativity and self-expression out. Taking different fashion elements and making them your own.

    And that’s what we at Kimono the Goat want to achieve! Our CEO and designer Lychee Kimono wants to bring innovative and creative Japanese luxury streetwear clothing to the US without compromising on style and fashion.

    In our online store, you will find the latest collection of Japanese streetwear clothing that will surely assist you in bringing out your creative and bold side. We manufacture all our products using the highest quality of material using sustainable methods.

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