Miami Zoo Collection: Combining High-End Streetwear and the Miami Party Scene

    Miami: The Party Town

    When you think about the most popular party town all around the world, Miami will certainly be on that list. This town has been famous for its party scene! And if you thought it was just a loud party scene with clubbers playing loud music, you would be surprised to know that there are chill lounges too in some parts of the town.

    So, whether you are looking for a little debauchery or a local hip lounge scene, Miami has got something for everyone! South Beach, Wynwood, and Downtown have the prime party scenes of the town. When you are looking for extravagant parties, head to South Beach. But if you are looking for warehouse parties, Wynwood and Downtown will gladly welcome you.

    This bold, passionate, and wild energy of Miami when amalgamated with creative and experimentative Japanese streetwear became the inspiration for our Miami Zoo Collection at Kimono the Goat.

    Miami Zoo Collection

    Our fashion designer and CEO Lychee Kimono wanted to bring the hip and electric energy of Miami parties and combine it with her background and love for Japanese streetwear to create this high-end streetwear collection.

    Different than typical Japanese streetwear sold in the US stores, our collection is meant for all! Just like Miami city welcomes all types of party-goers with open hearts, our collection welcomes you too! When you want to express yourself, your creativity, and your wild side, our Miami Zoo Collection will help you make a wild and bold statement.

    This collection stands in line with our CEO’s vision that it will make you stand apart from others in the crowd yet assist you in making a daring appearance. Miami Zoo Collection is all about bringing out the hidden brave side of your personality that can take risks.

    This high-end streetwear will bring luxury, magnificence, and quality to your life helping you extend your personality beyond what you could ever imagine.

    Our Miami Zoo Collection follows the core principle of sustainability ensuring that no animal is harmed during the production of this collection. High-end streetwear clothing is made of the finest material that will make you look luxurious and magnificent while protecting the environment.

    We manufacture high-end streetwear clothing items from this collection using minimal machinery keeping our carbon footprint low. We use the skin of animals that have died due to natural causes ensuring that no animal is specifically killed for our clothing materials.

    Check out our Miami Zoo Collection on our online store Kimono the Goat and make a brave appearance! We have got something exciting waiting for you!

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