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    New to Japanese Street Fashion? Get to Know the Top Apparel Brands

    Written By: Akemi Hayashi

    When you look at modern Japanese fashion, the contrasting eccentric nature with sophisticated aesthetics leaves you spellbound. Furthermore, the huge variety of Japanese clothing will overwhelm you. In today’s world, Japanese fashion has amazingly merged with American fashion to create a streetwear line that is unique to their style. Japan’s reputation as a nation that produces flawless products has translated into its fashion industry brands.

    The Japanese designers are unlike any designers around the world. They have a great eye for detail to produce clothing designs that manage to recreate and rejuvenate classic American apparel. Due to this, the Japanese street fashion industry continues to influence the fashion industries around the world to this day. The designers of these renowned Japanese brands made their name because of their wonderful ability to merge formal and informal clothing wear distinctively. This proportional infusion is what makes the Japanese brands stand out from the rest of the world.

    Further, Tokyo remains the fashion hub of the country; this is where you will find all the brand outlets, the most incredible thrift shops, and fashionable people. Below, we will discuss some of the top apparel brands that you must visit on your trip to Japan.

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    Issey Miyake

    Issey Miyake is one of the biggest designers in Japan. He launches streetwear clothing that incorporates distinct features that you have never seen before. The designer is a graduate of the Tama Art University and studied graphic design. Therefore, he uses graphic design techniques to model and design his street apparel. Miyake believes in using technology to his advantage and hence uses his technological knowledge for creating unique clothes.

    Yohji Yamamoto

    Yohji Yamamoto is arguably one of the most decorated designers of Japan. His unbelievable insight of detailing and knowledge of the Japanese street culture cultivates in his work. Furthermore, his successful collaborations with fashion giant Adidas produced one of the best sneaker collections of all time. In an interview, Yamamoto revealed that his inspiration for designing clothes comes from his attempts to make men’s clothes suitable for women.

    Maybe that is the reason why his clothing line has many over-layering and oversized options. The main outlet of Yamamoto is in Tokyo, while two are in Paris and one is in London. Most of his clothing display darker and duller shades, and you are likely to see his loose and baggy designs all over Tokyo.

    Bathing Ape

    When you talk about Bathing Ape, you instantly point towards the Millennials. Bathing ape is Japan’s wonderful hit brand that attracts a wide population of the youth. It speaks to youngsters because of its vibrant, edgy, and eccentric designs. More commonly known as BAPE, this clothing brand is scattered all over Tokyo, Honk Kong, China, and other countries as well.

    This is a rather old brand, put together by a Japanese DJ, NIGO, in 1993. It’s first to boast of popularity came after the huge celebrity endorsements in the face of Pharell Williams and Soulja Boy. Currently, BAPE is in the ownership of a Chinese company; however, its main store is the Harajuku store in Japan. This store is widely popular amongst fashion enthusiasts around the world, and there is a huge crowd of people whenever there is a new release.

    Lychee Kimono

    When we talk about Lychee Kimono most people will ask about its origins because it’s rather new. Lychee Kimono is an up and coming luxury streetwear brand created by fashion designer Lychee Kimono. Although Lychee Kimono is not Japan based the creator of the brand, Lychee Kimono has spent some years living in Japan and soaking up the culture which was the basis and inspiration of the clothing line. Venturing out from creating streetwear pieces for private clients, Lychee Kimono is on its way to becoming one of the top streetwear brands globally.

    To Conclude

    These are just a few of the many streetwear Japanese brands that deal in Japanese clothing. The Japanese fashion brands are taking the contemporary street fashion industry by storm. After more celebrities start taking notice of their unique and outlandish style, it is likely to surpass other brands around the world.

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