Lychee Kimono came to fruition in 2020 during a pandemic that brought the world to their knees and T-Shirts and sweatpants to the front of everyone’s closets. During this time Devone’ Harp was working as a design consultant at the well- known luxury furniture company Design Within Reach. Textiles and design was all she’d known for 10 years and the slower paced lifestyle created by the pandemic inspired her to switch paths to fashion design. After being furloughed from her design position she began sketching sweatsuits and soon sourcing materials to create pieces that were both sustainable and unique.

The first product launch was an epic fail with inventory issues due to the pandemic, a bugged out website and photoshoot deadlines not being met, but this failure gave way to major improvements that has made Lychee Kimono a pioneer in Luxury Streetwear. The entire brand is all about maintaining originality and not being afraid to be different. Hence our logo which represents "NO SHEEP". We think and design freely and refuse to follow the crowd! Designer and CEO Devone’ Harp grew up as the “weird kid”, the “quiet kid” with a lot of personality that she now pours into every garment she creates. Fashion is a voice for those who are usually misunderstood and a Lychee Kimono garment will always have something to say!