Fall Japanese Streetwear Fashion Trends for Women

    Written By: Akemi Hayashi

    The Japanese fashion industry is the most intriguing industry of all time, especially when it comes to the street. Many believe that it is likely to surpass the stellar European fashion industry that thrives in epicenters such as Paris, France. This will be an astounding accomplishment for the Japanese fashion industry.

    If you look at Japanese streetwear from the viewpoint of a westerner, the Japanese streetwear inculcates familiar trends of the past and infuses them distinctly and uniquely. Therefore, when you walk around the streets of Tokyo, you will find out amazing incorporation of both old and latest fashion trends.


    Streetwear Fashion for Women

    The Japanese fashion trends show great love for the ladies, and there is a huge abundance of streetwear options for women. Therefore, you can find plenty of Japanese streetwear brands that put up incredible outfit designs for women of all ages. Not to mention, Japanese streetwear for women offers clothing that caters to all genders. This just adds to the amazingly versatile and universal nature of Japanese clothing.

    Furthermore, the Japanese street fashion for women indulges in the depth of contemporary styles. It possesses an array of resolute modern thought process. By adding a hint of personalized ideas, women’s streetwear rises to the highest ranks of individuality. This aspect of Japanese women’s streetwear allows access to men’s street fashion. Due to the gender neutrality of women’s street fashion, the options become limitless.

    Streetwear Fashion Trends for Women in the Fall

    The fall season tends to remain one of the best seasons for street fashion –the slow drifts in temperatures of the fall shift from hot to cold. Therefore, you can mediate between the numbers of layers. Combining the winter and summer street fashion depicts the true essence of Japanese fashion, and the season of fall presents itself as the perfect playground for this practice.

    Moreover, some may also suggest that the fall season sorts the level of sanity in the Japanese fashion industry. The variability in the weather allows the Japanese fashion trends to follow suit of the environment. As a result, fall becomes the perfect time for women to revamp their wardrobe and implement newer and fresher styles, such as the ones discussed below.

    Prints under Bold, Solid Colors

    The beautiful contrast of the print with the bold makes it an outfit choice that looks beautiful on Japanese clothing options. The use of oversized long-coats makes a perfect tool to display a bold and strong color. Put it over a shirt with stunning prints for a classic and elegant looking Japanese street fashion for the fall season.


    The Japanese have fully endorsed plaids as a staple part of their fall and winter fashion. This just goes to show their amazing adaptability. They incredibly manage to fully embrace the traditional culture of Scottish highlands and make it a part of their outfits. Therefore, plaids are quite evident in Japan throughout the fall season.

    Belt Bags

    Despite their love for aesthetics, the Japanese are practical people. Hence, you will find most of the women’s street fashion incorporates the use of belt bags. This allows them to be hands-free when walking across the streets of Tokyo. Even though many fashion moguls regard the belt bag as unfashionable, the Japanese fashion industry manages to pair their outfits with graceful and chic-looking belt bags.

    To Conclude

    The fall season allows the Japanese fashion industry to make daring choices in the fashion world. It is a time when the Japanese manage to break down conventional barriers and dare to be outrageous. Therefore, the Japanese streetwear fashion for the fall season gives you the opportunity to achieve extravagance.

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