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    Pricing Transparency Behind the Threads: Explore the Value, Client Experience and Details Behind a Lychee Kimono Garment

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    Luxury streetwear has completely transformed the fashion on the streets of the US. Whether it is teens and pre-teens, university students, or fashion influencers, high end streetwear clothing has certainly challenged everyone to bring out their best game.

    However, one of the biggest drawbacks in the streetwear fashion market is the lack of availability of striking and outstanding designs and the price. Most of the streetwear clothing items have mediocre designs and are made with bargain basement material yet, they are outrageously priced. 

    And that’s where our exclusive luxury streetwear collection at Lychee Kimono comes into play. At Lychee Kimono, we aim to bring the highest quality of streetwear at the right price point. However, sometimes we do hear some of our customers saying that our collection seems to be highly-priced. Although this might be true, we do have solid reasons for it. 

    Behind The Scenes of A Lychee Kimono Collection

    Our team stands by its decision to offer our luxury streetwear at current price points. There are several factors and reasons that attribute to our brand positioning and exclusivity.

    • Material

    Each piece of our collection is made by using combed cotton and organic cotton that gives your durability and high quality. The process of making combed cotton is time-consuming and the materials are also imported due to the practice disappearing in the U.S. This certainly adds up to the price. 

    • Design

    The unique design and graphics utilized in each Lychee Kimono collection are made by putting together the creative minds of our CEO Lychee Kimono and our professional team of graphic designers. This means all graphics are EXCLUSIVE to only Lychee Kimono garments!

    • Manufacturing

    To maintain our high quality standards, we collaborate with the finest manufacturers. Moreover, the staff at our manufacturers are paid livable wages. So, by paying the price for our collection, you are also contributing to enhancing the lives of other people. Think about someone other than YOURSELF for once!

    • Shipping 

    When we ship our collection, we never leave any stone unturned. We envelop our garments in only the finest packaging materials, tags, and silk dust bags ensuring that the product reaches you safely. 

    • Marketing 

    This is another crucial factor that adds up to the overall costs of our renowned Collections. To make each piece of our collection aesthetically pleasing to YOU, we make sure that we use the finest marketing, modeling, and photography services. 

    • Warranty and Originality

    Lychee Kimono Collections are unique and original. Each piece of clothing comes with a two year warranty and each bag is protected for a lifetime. What other streetwear company does that? 

    • Slow and Sustainable Fashion 

    At Lychee Kimono, we believe in providing steady and sustainable high end streetwear. Comparing to some of the biggest fast-fashion brands such as H&M, we certainly do have high prices, but it also has some benefits for you as a customer. For example, an H&M t-shirt priced at 25$ will last you about 6 months to 1 year whereas a 75$ to 125$ T-shirt from Lychee Kimono will last you for more than 5 years in its peak condition and quality.  

    If you want to get the same quality and durability from fast fashion brands, it’s just not possible. You will spend nearly double the amount i.e. 125$ to 250$ on new tees over the same amount of time. Add the costs of shipping if you are ordering online, or multiple trips to the store, fast fashion is not beneficial long-term. Moreover, you will be creating more waste and pollution affecting the environment. 


    The pricing for a Lychee Kimono garment offers you exclusivity, Artisan crafted quality and will certainly be worth your investment. However, if you don’t realize the importance of conscious and sustainable spending, being part of our community might not be satisfying for you.

    Maybe you want to do your bit by investing in a brand that offers sustainable and high-quality garments but are unable to afford it. Don’t worry! For such customers who want to make a conscious effort on investing in their clothing, we have got Klarna as our preferred payment plan. 

    At Lychee Kimono, we urge our customers to help us Cancel basic streetwear one garment at a time.

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