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Stay Afloat Backpack

Stay Afloat Backpack

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The Stay Afloat Back Pack is an actualized representation of overcoming the struggles that life throws at us and surviving the storms. The bag is inspired by a life preserver who's main purpose is to keep you afloat. The bag features a canvas fabric base, imported leather straps and buckles, puffer material pockets to resemble floatation devices and blue rubber accents, making this backpack truly one of a kind. The side pockets are embellished with the mantra for this collection "Panic Causes Drowning When You Can't Swim"

  • Blue Rubber Accents
  • Canvas Fabric Base
  • Imported Leather Buckles
  • Imported Leather Side Pockets
  • Silk Lined Inside w/ Pocket
  • Gunmetal Hardware
  • Lychee Kimono Strap Design


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