High-End Fashion Has Found It’s Way In American-Japanese Streetwear


    The Japanese influence on the fashion world is starting to revolutionize the casual streetwear style. The introduction of the Japanese brands into the streetwear markets changed the way we perceive street fashion. Unlike the west, the Japanese people consider street fashion as a part of their lifestyle. The west is too obsessed with making a fashion statement or displaying material wealth. In comparison, the Japanese lean towards adopting a certain lifestyle and design their outfits accordingly. This is the biggest difference between the two fashion capitals.

    A simple glance at the street of Tokyo (the hub of Japanese street fashion), and you will notice that the people of Japan take full ownership of their particular style. People put on a style that reflects their inner personality. Furthermore, they also take full ownership of their outfits and a signature style or subculture that they base their clothing choices around. Therefore, this emphatic philosophy towards streetwear is what makes Tokyo one of the powerhouses of the fashion industry.

    The Birth of American-Japanese Streetwear

    When you look at the primary culture of the Japanese people, it emphasizes the importance of discipline and conformity. This is surprising, considering that rebellion, deviancy, and disorientation are the dominant features of the Japanese street fashion industry. Therefore, the Japanese people’s infatuation with edgy and outlandish representations of the American culture stems solely from their fascination and nothing else. This is why you will find that they do not strictly follow the standards of each subculture and like to mix it up. Moreover, the outfits somewhat have an experimental aspect to them.

    However, some cultural fashion, such as the Kawai style, is an inherent display of the Kawai culture, which is a fashion choice of teenage Japanese girls. The Kawai fashion is an extreme outtake of exaggerated femininity mainly deriving from the popular animated fairytale characters and Japanese anime. Therefore, the Japanese fashion scene is thriving with diversity, innovativeness, and their main frame of reference is American hip-hop street culture.

    Many people claim that Hiroshi Fujiwara is the first person to introduce the American hip-hop culture to the Japanese street fashion scene. He had a good association with the Hip-hop artists in the USA, such as Pharrell Williams. Therefore, his embracement of the hip-hop style in the US may have translated to his fan following in Japan.

    They take inspiration from old-time artists and fashion icons. Plus, they have brands that create a clothing line, which does not only correlate to the artist’s imprint but also highlights the distinctive Japanese aesthetic. Hence, the big American brands took note of the amazing craft of the Japanese designers and their attention to detail. This ultimately led to the collaborative designs of the American and Japanese designers for the fruition of hugely successful American-oriented Japanese brands, such as Cav Empt and BAPE.

    The Endorsement of American-Japanese Streetwear

    The Japanese fascination with the American culture has led them to name the American inspired fashion brands “Ametora” The ametora production line now has a flourishing history and promising success. Without the exact replication of the American Brands, the Japanese fashion industry went on to bring back classic American clothing such as denim jackets, baggy jeans, denim jackets, and much more.

    To Conclude

    The high-end fashion brands are now looking at American-Japanese streetwear with great interests. Where some fashion critics deem it as a curse to fashion standards, the rest side completely with the experimental and unconventional nature of Japanese fashion. Furthermore, the unique ability of the Japanese designers and the evolving nature of fashion trends may also result in the Japanese street fashion merging with other countries as well.

    Everybody has become a sheep following in the same direction when it comes to fashion. If you are reading this right now, you were born a GOAT. So dress like one.

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