Who is The GOAT


    Lychee Kimono was created to fill a void that CEO and Designer, Lychee Kimono felt was missing in Streetwear boutiques she would frequent. She would go into these stores looking for something different, but most times would end up with something generic or paying a high price tag for fake leathers or recycled designs and patterns. What was worse was constantly having to pay high prices for low quality garments. Instead of continuing to sacrifice style and quality she decided to take matters into her own hands hence Lychee Kimono was created.

    Lychee Kimono brings to life the designs and vision of Lychee Kimono, A 27 year old female designer from New York. Each piece is carefully thought out and handcrafted from only the finest materials, allowing you, the customer, to feel good about each purchase you make. Clothing is an extension of yourself, so why blend in with the sheep when you can be a GOAT. Style different, Cancel Basic!

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